wood things crafted with finesse

Here, at Silviu TUDOR WoodWorks, my aim is to craft fine wood objects that you can’t find anywhere else. I am personally crafting all of my products, one by one, creating small batches of items with close attention to detail and finishing.

I am currently producing small furniture (e.g. fold down desks) and other small wood products like cutting boards, headphone stands, boxes, coat hangers, etc. All of my products are handmade and are not mass produced in any way.

Why handcrafted wood products instead of mass produced ones? The reason I started woodworking is that mass produced products didn’t fit me or my needs. Also, regular products have no soul.

So, I will put my best effort in understanding the products you folks need and to craft them as close as you imagined them. In this regard, please contact me with any kind of cool project you may have or feel free to order any of my existing products – all of my products are fully customizable and available in any kind of finish, shape or colour you may have imagined or dreamed about.

Phone number:

(+40) 758 060 900

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